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BQ Bar

39 Boat Quay, Singapore 049828

Phone: 6536 1571

BQ - Venue 2020.jpg

Ahh.... BQ Bar. Another place that has been around for awhile now. Great place to chill out with your friends. If you're on your own, grab a seat facing the river and watch the world go by with a nice cool draft and a plate of yummy tandoori..or a pizza, or..oh my gosh, the lamb chops, oh wait..the beef tenderloin! Blimey, there's just too many good food to choose from! Just go crazy and order a feast fit for a king! ;-)

BQ - Lifestyle 2020-2.jpg
BQ - Three Little Pigs Naan Pizza-10.jpg
BQ - Tandoori Grilled Spring Chicken-5.jpg
BQ - Tandoori Lamb Chops.jpg
BQ - Mini Skewer Platter-20.jpg
BQ - Chicken Tikka Kebab-10.jpg
BQ - Dharma's Mixed Platter.jpg
BQ - Beef Tenderloin-3.jpg

Enjoy 10% discount on food and drinks. 

*There will be no discounts on set menus or items already on promotion.

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